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About us

The digital era we all are living in, the world of NFTs has brought the change to “status quo” (means current situation) of investments in Art. In this NFTs dominance, our “current situation” is the world of “Statues Quo”, where a team of greek artists creates history with its projects and adds value to SQHolders.

“Statues Quo” is a collection of 2.500 Statue NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each NFT is a “ticket”. Rumors say that whoever “touches” them, becomes part of the “most historic” project in the world of NFTs. 

What’s more, each SQHolder ensures his participation in the competition with the biggest prize in the world of NFTs, The Greek Chalet. One SQHolder will be the next owner of it.

the chalet

A building located in Greece, with exceptional architecture, made of top quality materials. It is a fully equipped Chalet that is waiting for its new owner.

The building concerned can be used:

  • as an owner-occupied housing, either as main residence or a holiday home
  • it can also be used for the purpose of carrying on business, profession or trade of any kind, as a guesthouse, Airbnb, Food service activities, to host events, since it consists of 5 independent double rooms and 1 masterbedroom, as well as a fully equipped professional kitchen.

take part

The Greek Chalet is our first prize. A SQHolder, who will purchase one of the 2.500 Statue NFTs of the “Statues Quo” collection, will acquire this amazing property in Greece completely free of charge. The procedure has three parts. At the end of the third part the SQHolder of the winning NFT will possess the absolute ownership of the Greek Chalet and will make history at the “Statues Quo” World.


step #1

buy a statue nft

At least one

There are 2.500 Statue NFTs on Opensea. You have to buy, at least, one of them to participate in the project.

step #2

the number #2.501 nFT


When the first 2.499 Statue NFTs are sold, the Number #2.501 Statue NFT will be auctioned. The highest bid will be allocated to the DAO or organization, which be choosen by the holders.

step #3


Through a reliable platform, a number from #2.501 to #5.000 will emerge, that will correspond to the Statue NFT that its current SQHolder will win.

Have Any Questions?


We can answer every single question…Take a look!

Absolutely nothing! Statues’ Quo Team will cover all the expenses needed for the property transfer. The only thing you have to do is just to buy at least one Statue NFT and to be its owner through the competition (certified live on

Within 5 months after the date of the competition and the acceptance of transfer in the name of the winner.

The winner SQHolder will have the absolute title of the property, the forever ownership. After the transfer completion the holder is free to sell, donate, rent through Airbnb etc. at his discretion.

Do you have any questions or need further information? Don’t hesitate! Contact us!

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